Kaizen Healthcare

The Kaizen Healthcare training program teaches continuous improvement practices in the Healthcare sector.
Its main goal is to prepare attendees to implement Improvement Projects through the design and enforcement of improvement solutions in the different areas of healthcare units.


• Understand the role of continuous improvement in the healthcare area

• Gain a better understanding of best practices in the sector

• Learn how to improve Quality and Productivity of Healthcare Services

• Learn about strategies of increasing added value for patients

• Get to know successful case studies of applying Kaizen Lean in the health sector


• 7 kinds of Waste in Healthcare

• 5S, Standardisation and 3C

• Daily Kaizen in the natural teams

• Boards and Team Meetings

• Process Mapping

• Standard Work

• Layout Design

• Supermarkets

• Mizusumashi


• Kobetsu Kaizen (Structured Problem Solving)

• Case Studies

Kaizen Events
Date07-07. březen
Price499 CAD



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