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Workplace Organization or simply called 5S, is an integral part of the Lean and KAIZEN™ process. The 5S’s are Sort (Seiri), Straighten (Seiton), Scrub (Seiso), Standardization (Seiketsu) and Sustain (Shitsuke). When 5S BIC is performed as the first step of a Organization effort to drive continuous improvement, processes become more visible and identified “waste” is cleaned out and basically a cornerstone to all other continuous improvement KAIZEN™ activity. It is also part of the Daily KAIZEN™ Level 2 within the natural teams effectiveness in their respective workplace organization. 5S BIC clearly communicates that management is willing to allow the employees to be involved in the process of change. The goal of the program is to have an office area that is customer ready at all times. 5S BIC creates a neat, clean and orderly facility that will become a source of lasting pride for all employees. While change is often perceived with a sense of apprehension, participants in the 5S BIC program begin to taste change as something that can be positive and impactful.


· Understanding the definition of 5S BIC and the relationship to Lean Waste

· Recognize the extent of 5S BIC leverages at Workplace organization

· Understanding what is needed for implement and sustain 5S BIC

· The benefits of a 5S BIC implementation which include:

-An organized, efficient workplace for improved productivity

-A cleaner work place for improved safety at work

-Reducing inventory and supply costs

-Recapturing valuable floor space and minimizing overhead costs


· Why Implement the 5S BIC KAIZEN™ Change Management The driving forces behind 5S Introduction to 5S BIC The 5S's defined

· Eliminating Waste 7 types of waste How 5S eliminates waste

· 5S and Kaizen Team Structures The Kaizen (Continuous Improvement Crew) 5S team events 5S team structures

· Implementing 5S BIC and Auditing Principles in Your Organization 5S BIC Auditing Principles Performing 5S BIC Auditing and ways to report A project management approach to 5S 5S BIC Implementation

target group

Every individual or department of organizations who have the desire in implementing 5S BIC within the organization.

Date29-30. duben
Price590 USD

Subang Jaya, Selangor


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