KAIZEN™ Change Management System

Participants learn about the KAIZEN™ Change Management System and how to diagnosis and develop a strategy for a successful change process. The methods and steps to successfully implementing Lean and change across the organization are covered in various sections. While change is often perceived with a sense of apprehension, participants in the KAIZEN™ Change Management Systems begin to taste change as something that can be positive and sustainable impact


• Know the requirements and responsibilities of a KAIZEN™ of driving Continuous Improvement

• Have a basic understanding of a KAIZEN™ system audit

• Understand and communicate the importance of a company and its departments having a clear vision and understandable mission statement

• Be more confident developing a KAIZEN™ Change Management strategy

• Understand the importance of a Road Map and which items should be included in a Road Map

• Have a better understanding of the benefits of a KAIZEN™ Support Office

• Know the 12 Steps to World Class.


• The “KAIZEN™ Management System "

• Requirements and responsibilities of a KAIZEN™ manager

• KAIZEN™ Audit (case study)

• Potential Analysis (SWOT)

• Development of a KAIZEN™ strategy

• KAIZEN™ implementation program (Road Map)

• Targeted selection of KAIZEN™ methods for project work

• Establishment of a support system

target group

Continuous Improvement Leader, Operational Leader, Operational Excellence Leaders, and practitioners.

Date26-27. únor
Price590 USD

Subang Jaya


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