Kaizen Change Model KCM101.2 Daily KAIZEN™ 1 Build and reinforce CI cultures

KAIZEN™ for TEAM LEADERS. Prerequisites
KCM101.1. This course helps team leaders and group leaders to build and reinforce Continuous
Improvement cultures within their natural teams. The focus is on team and
workspace organization tools. The course uses role-playing to help trainees in
reflecting the acquired knowledge on practical situations.


Understand the 3 Golden rules of a team leader. Understand the main tools in a team board. Understand and explain the 5S model. Explain problem-solving methods. Understand the benefits of Kamishibai system.


Implement Leader Standard Work.

Conduct Standard Team Meetings.

Utilize Visual Management and Team Boards.

Use Visual Work Planner and Control Board Implement 5S campaigns in your workplace.

Use structured problem-solving methods in your workplace.

Learn and apply team and workspace organization.

target group

Team Players, Team Leaders &

Group Leaders

Date01-04. duben
Price2400 CAD

Vancouver, BC, Canada


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