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In this seminar the participants will develop the various aspects of their role as a KAIZEN coach, in order to implement them effectively in the change process.

In realistic presentation and moderation exercises, the participants will strengthen their abilities to present problems and results; lead teams in a target through planning and implementation of efficient trainings and instruction.


- Presentation and moderation with practical exercises

- Feedback and exchange of experience

- Use of various media

- Use of visual management

- Teamwork, the role of a moderator

- Handling disturbances and resistance

- Motivation of team members

- Developing efficient trainings and instruction

- Creation of trainer guides and training documents

- Visit of a company employing KAIZEN


Start Day 1 at 10.00

End Day 4 at 12.00


Basics knowledge of Kaizen

target group

Employees and leaders,

- who want to organize, guide, and "inspire" the change process

- plan and implement trainings and workshops.

Covers all sectors / all branches of industry: for example Production, administration, services, R&D, ...

Date23-26. září
Price1850 EUR



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